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Is a real estate agency that uses an integrated approach for solving your problems

About us

Green Way Property — it is always a green light on your way to the property
We know the real estate market, have high competence in it and use an analytical and comprehensive approach that distinguishes us from many other agencies.

Our motto

Your comfort is our goal
First of all, we carry out a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the real estate market following your request exactly and an assessment of the object’s market value, which allows us to predict the result accurately, whether it’s a real estate sale or an apartment purchase.

Our values

Compliance with deadlines
Servicing and service comprehensiveness
Saving customer time
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For Clients

Green Way Property provides a full range of services in the field of real estate for the clients: rental of apartments or commercial real estate, choosing and purchasing the property or its sale, as well as full transaction support and preparing necessary documents.

At first glance, buying an apartment or a house of your dreams is very easy, but there are many details that could appear along the way and that we know about. We will help you find and buy a property that meets all your requirements, with the maximum benefit for you and save your time.

Guaranteed sale of an apartment on the secondary real estate market within 2 weeks is what we undertake. We can provide a 100% result based on a detailed analysis of the real estate market and cost property assessment. While you are doing your own affairs, our professional team will find buyers, prepare all the required documents and arrange the deal.

For Investors

Are you thinking about investing? Then commercial property, or apartments in new buildings are excellent options for a profitable and effective investment!

We have a large real estate base for investments, our team is professionals who will help you to choose and buy commercial properties with maximum profit. The payback period will be 7 - 12 years.

An apartment in a new building that acquired at the initial stage of the building could provide profitability from 20% of your investment.

For Developers

Green Way Property offers cooperation with developers and proposes services for effective property promotion on the market.

Our experts conduct thorough market analysis and effective marketing campaigns to attract and interest potential buyers. We provide quality real estate consulting and lead the clients to the transaction conclusion.

One more real estate sales department could work for you with maximum efficiency and full customer support.

Moreover, our clients who trust our experience could become your investors.

For Realtors

Are you a realtor or a real estate agent that looking for new partners? Green Way Property is open for mutually beneficial cooperation with the professional growth possibilities and own income planning.

We have not age restrictions or special experience requirements, only your desire to work and study. At Green Way Property, you will find a positive and cohesive team, an effective training and coaching program, as well as a lot of work and clients.

Our Team

We are a strong team of professional realtors, real estate and marketing specialists that working to achieve the planned result and your comfort.
Мария Кравченко

Maria Kravchenko

Logo GW Property
“When I was creating my own company, firstly I’d focused my attention on building a professional and effective team, which would be focused on achieving results and providing quality real estate services for our clients. Your comfort is our task, which we do with pleasure! "
Аssistant manager, real estate sales consultant
Real estate sales consultant
Real estate sales consultant
Real estate sales consultant
Marketing Assistant
Internet marketer

Client’s Feedback

We express our deep gratitude to the Green Way Property agency for the work on the housing purchase in Kyiv.

The guys had always solved themselves all the questions that arose during the deal: promptly, accurately, and on time!

Since now, we haven’t been living in Kyiv, the guys have filmed all the objects for us in advance and took a photo beforehand. We spent only 2 hours upon arrival looking at the variants we had selected in advance. We left a deposit on the same day and arrived for the signing a week later.

There was not a single moment that could lead to problems or any delays. All the propositions offered to us were interesting and all our demands had been heart.
All the exciting moments associated with housing issues have been compensating for by excellent work.

Thanks to the guy's wise actions the apartment and the parking purchases were completely flawless. Thank you for your attentiveness to our wishes.

Eduard and Ekaterina Nuriakhmetov

Good afternoon, we want to say thanks one more time to the Green Way Property agency, in particular to Sergey for his help in buying the house of our dreams!

We have always dreamed of a home surrounded by a forest or lake! Sergey had heard our wishes and "killed two birds with one stone" at once!

Especially I would like to note the professionalism and very personal approach to us. However, not only because we were heard and because there were offered 7 propositions to us at once, which we looked through with pleasure.

We couldn't decide between 2 houses and that was so unexpectedly for us. This was a real surprise for us because we couldn't even choose one before that, but here there were several variants at the same time!

Therefore, when we decide to buy property next time, we will turn to the Green Way Property agency definitely, because there work really professionals in their field.

Contact the guys, they will help you with any questions for sure!

Natalia Makarenko

We recommend Green Way Property services wholeheartedly!

It was important for us to get into the hands of a professional team that will tell everything, explain and “lead by the hand”.

The task was to buy an apartment in a new building. It was scary to get on an unreliable developer and lose our money because we had been buying such a property for the first time.

The guys from Green Way Property, especially Marina, consulted us at all stages, answering our most stupid questions, as it seems to us.

We have chosen different apartment layouts for us in different new buildings. They took upon themselves communication with the sales department and conducting a legal documentation review of the two developers whom we had selected. They agreed everywhere and we came to everything ready. Our head did not "hurt" at all on any issues during the deal, which we are very happy about.

As a result, we've chosen the variant in which we were 100% sure that the building would be completed and put into operation.
Guys, thank you a lot for the work done!

Alisa Sayenok

I want to say thanks a lot for supporting all deals from start to finish and for professionalism, sensitivity, and for my minimal physical presence at many stages of deals, of course.

Green Way Property was able to organize both deals - selling an apartment and purchasing a new one for me in the shortest possible time, with a small amount of paperwork and with a full report on the work done at the same time.

They found a convenient time for me when my presence was necessary. I didn’t have to communicate with buyers and show them the apartment on my own.

Maria has helped me to find an apartment according to all my wishes and we could sign all the documents almost instantly. While the guys found me the most profitable buyer in two days of apartment shows. Moreover, we have sold the apartment above the price I expected!

I will definitely recommend Maria and her agency to my friends and acquaintances. It is a team of professionals!

Irina Shelemekh

Top of the property

House for sale in a cottage town

A cottage with an area of 96 square meters and its own garden plot, located in a quiet and green place near the river Desna, in the Oseshchyna village, Vyshgorodskiy district.

House for sale in a cottage town

A cottage is a home for you and your family!

Therefore, it should be reliable, comfortable, cozy, convenient, and beautiful of course.

The cottage with an area of 111 square meters is located in the Novosilki village Vyshgorodskiy district that surrounded by a pine forest and its own lake on the territory of the town.

Cottage in Hi-Tech style for sale

It could be your own Universe, where you wish to return constantly. The place where you fill up and relax from all your troubles!

A large cottage with 350 square meters of the total space, with a private swimming pool and access to the forest located in the Lebedivka village, Vyshgorodskiy district.

Apartment for sale in the residential complex «New Avtograf»

Exceptionally beautiful houses of the comfort + class residential complex «New Avtograf» are located in one of the most picturesque places of the Dniprovskiy district of the capital on the General Zhmachenko Street, 26.

It is worth visiting here at least once to understand that this is a place where you want to return again and again.

Apartment for sale in the residential complex «Metropolis»

«Metropolis» is a residential complex for modern people, which is being built, using advanced technologies and environmentally friendly materials.

The new residential complex «Metropolis» is located in the Golosiivskiy district of Kyiv on the Akademika Zabolotnogo Street, 1.


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